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I have been trying to decide between Petplan and Healthy Paws for my Papillon puppy. Both have comparable coverage, with PP being slightly better because it pays for more dental conditions and non-routine vet exam fees. Both also have generally good reputations. As far as rates, it gets tricky. Initial rates for the puppy were $37 for PP and $46 for HP. I almost bought PP but I thought I'd take a look at what the rates might be as the dog got older. It ends up that at 3 years, the current PP rate is $54, HP is $61 (90% and $250 deductible). But at 5 years, PP goes up to $84, HP is only $75. Then at 7 years, PP is $106, HP is $78 (both plans reduced to 80% coverage). At 10 years, PP is $92, HP is $63 (both plans reduced to 60%/$750 deductible). Bottom line is that PP was cheaper for the first 3-4 years, but then HP became cheaper. I've decided to go with HP, but everyone should make their own decision. I'm only giving folks something to consider.

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Posted: 03/27/2017
By: DJ

I am not sure your math and logic is correct. Your premium in yr 8 after being insured for 8 yrs will not be the same as year 8 if you have not been insured with them for 8 years.
I've had Petplan for 10 yrs. I just quoted our a new worse policy than what I have and it was $25 more a month than what I pay now.