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My dog is now 1 year old, but when we purchased Pet Plan, she was only 8-weeks-old, paying about $ 35 monthly with $ 200 deductible. I didn't know the deductible is based on "per condition"; this is what happened; so my dog twisted her ankle when she did her run, and we went to emergency, the bill was $ 430, great, I paid and filed the claim, with the deductible $ 200, and 80% coverage, I got $ 184; then another claim was when my dog's paw was infected because it's too wet and humid by walking in the rain so much, the cost was $ 154; when I thought about getting some money back because I have used up the deductible $ 200, then it's wrong; I called, and the representative explained to me that their deduction is based on "per condition", so this is a new condition, meaning a new deductible $ 200 applied, and $ 154 does not exceed $ 200, so I got nothing back and paid $ 154 (plus monthly premium). I think that it's unfair to go by "per condition". Let's say, I have paid for 1 year, $ 35 x 12 = $ 420 premium, if each accident or injury costs less than $ 200, then I have to pay from my own pocket to cover the cost. $ 420 + assuming $ 150 per condition I paid, let's assume 2-3 incidents like these = I pay from my own pocket $ 720 - $ 870 without getting any money reimbursed annually. Let's assume now the bigger incidents which exceed $ 200 deductible per condition, then $ 420 insurance premium + $ 450 per condition (with reaching deductible $ 200) $ 250 x 80 % ( $ 200 is what Pet Plan reimbursed) and again 2-3 incidents like these = $ 420 + ($ 400 to $ $600) = from my own pocket I paid $ 820 to $ 1020. I want to say, per condition is not fair because with the costs I paid annually around $ 870 to $ 1020, most of it from my own pocket, (we are talking about a really young dog and may not have major incidents in 2-3 years), then $ 1020 from my own pocket is equivalently to cover 1 big incident perhaps, so why buying this insurance? Let's assume I have paid for 3 years $ 420 x 3 = 1260 cost of premium (assuming Pet Plan does not increase the premium according to age of dogs, which is not possible normally), again, deductible is based on per condition, with the examples I listed above, I will pay about $ 2130 to $ 2280 from my own pocket (with little money reimbursed back), then with the money I spent, I can totally pay costs without buying Pet Plan; I prefer the way that "deductible based on per annual", that's fair.

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Posted: 01/19/2017
By: Mike

I did a lot of research into pet insurance before choosing Pet Plan as our insurers for our pets, and was not able to find a company that does not have a "per incident" deductible. If you are able to find a company that does not operate this way, please share!