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Sally is a 5 yr old beagle,dachsund, jack russell mix. We were told by the adoption agency to take insurance for dogs with long, low-to-the-ground builds because of potential spinal problems. We're not sure how or when it happened but Sally began slowing down from her normal wild self and within a week her whole back half became paralyzed. She could barely move her back legs and lost all continence. We tried various treatments for a week or so to no avail. To shorten the story, an mri revealed a severely herniated disc at L5/L6. Surgery was absolutely necessary. It was a rough first week of recovery but now 4 weeks later, Sally is almost 100% back to normal. Of course, this was quite an expense, almost reaching 5 figures from start to finish of the ordeal but PetPlan paid the claims within approx 2 weeks of them being submitted. We got back the maximum that our plan allowed without any questions or need for inquiries.
I could not ask for anything more from this happy ending to the ordeal.

I should note that older claims for other minor illnesses were also submitted by my vet's office and they too were paid just as promptly.!

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Herniated disc
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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