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We have had PetPlan ever since we adopted our black lab mix, Maggie, 7 years ago. They have covered her 2 surgeries for mast cell tumors. Over the last few months, she began to experience some incoordination - balance problems, dizziness, mini-seizures. She couldn't bend over to eat her food (even with a raised bowl) or drink so we had to feed and hydrate her by hand. The vet thought it possibly could be vestibular disease or neck and spinal inflammation from favoring her bad leg. After one horrendous day when she could barely stay on her feet, our vet recommended either a neurological consult or to try acupuncture. We did not want to subject a 13 year old dog to an MRI. I called PetPlan and asked if they covered acupuncture. They told me it was a legitimate treatment option as long as it was administered by a licensed vet. Maggie has now had 5 sessions and improved remarkably - she can eat and drink normally again and is even playing a little more vigorously. PetPlan processed the claim quickly and reimbursed us for 80% of the cost. Although the premium for an older dog is high, it was worth it for the peace of mind that allowed us to search for alternate solutions knowing we were covered.

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balance and coordination issues
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Over $1000

Labrador Mix

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Over 8 years

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