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My four year old Border Collie Fly likes to play with water coming out of hoses by biting at it. Little did she know when I went to give her a bath one day that the "hose" end was a metal shower head not a rubber hose. She broke three of her front teeth. Because she is a Working Sheepdog, I needed her teeth to stay in good condition to allow her to nip at stubborn sheep. So I opted to have root canals, which required two anesthetic procedures with a specialist Veterinary Dentist, to the tune of $6300. Without insurance this would never have been possible-- Petplan covered about $5000 of the cost. I did initially have a little trouble with the claim because Petplan wanted to see records going back four years including from a practice where Fly went as a puppy but whom I left on bad terms. Once the specialist convinced them that Fly had suffered a traumatic accident, not simple degenerative dental disease, they dropped their request for lifelong records and paid up. I have insurance coverage ($20,000 limit) for Fly, an athletic performance dog, in case she might need knee or back surgery -- who would have thought her big claim would be for dental work! I call her my dog with the $6000 smile.

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tooth fracture
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Border Collie

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1 - 8

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