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I have the best coverage offered at the time for all of my three dogs with PetPlan. Nothing is too good for my dogs. My bigger dog contracted Lyme disease and my first visit to the Vet hospital cost $780 and I left the hospital without a diagnosis although not it was apparent that my dog had typical symptoms he was only treated with a narcotics patch and non steroidal anti inflammatory. The symptoms went away however a few months later when my dog was given his two year test for heart worm, he came up positive for Lyme. He was immediately treated with medication for the month. After only a couple of days on the medication my dog returned to his original happy frisky self. I submitted the claim through the vet and after a few weeks I received a letter that PetPlan needed more information from my vet. The bottom line is that my claim was rejected because I did not buy all my tick and flea medication from my vet and I did not know to keep the receipts for purchases made at the retail store which included dog food treats and toys. PetPlan told me over the phone that they needed receips before they would consider my claim. No where was I ever directed to terms and conditions and I still don't know if the receipt issue is even stated on these terms. I was sold the insurance over the phone and I believe my coverage is for about $22,000 a year for each of my three dogs. I pay in excess of $100 from my bank account every month for my three guys and this payment is automaticely deducted by PetPlan. In addition, I was hospitalized for almost six weeks beginning in Feb of 2014 for a broken femur and my dogs were taken care of by professional dog walker and care who lived in my house. These people were recruited by a friend/neighbor since I was taken away by ambulance. I spend the next month with family out of state until I could care for myself. In Nov of 2015 I had both knees totally replaced and I was again in the hospital and Rehabilitation Hospital for several weeks. This time my dogs were taken care of by family for the following month. Both occasions cost me around $3000 total plus food, treats, and grooming. My dogs mean the world to me and I won't even leave them at the vet's office alone. The last treatment that I purchased from my Vet was called Revolution which I hated because my dogs are hairy and the other two dogs are Silky Terriers and in addition to not liking what the grease did to the coats, I was not convinced that enough was getting into the abso

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Lyme Desease
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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