PetPlan customer service is AMAZING!!!!

Out of 10

Getting PetPlan Insurance for our pets has been one of the best decision we have ever made! Their customer service is fabulous!!! And the claims reimbursement process is very quick. Also, they have an App to make it all even more easy! Our lovely cat Nickel got Histoplasmosis, it’s a horrible, nasty, slow progress and very aggressive fungal disease. We were devastated with the diagnosis and even more with the treatment options and cost, but thanks to PetPlan we still have Nickel with us and he’s on his path to recovery! It’s a slow recovery but we can see the improvement. We couldn’t have afford going through this process without the insurance. The ones that went far and beyond helping us were Emily Briggs and Kim Borbone, they truly are Happiness Managers at PetPlan. Emily and Kim did an excellent job taking all my calls, replying to all my emails and following up with all my inquiries and request. They are truly amazing, super kind, patient and helpful. Both Emily and Kim guided me through the policy and the filing claim process, and thanks to their prompt response and support processing the claims, Nickel was able to get his surgery and first treatments done. We will be forever grateful to Emily, Kim and the PetPlan team for all they did for us!!!
And of course, we don’t have a way to thank enough the wonderful Northstar VETS - Dr. Lewis, Dr. Anderson; and Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital – Dr. Farrar and their teams, they are absolutely amazing, extremely caring and professional. They all are doing a remarkable job!!!

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Histoplasmosis fungal disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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