Happy Outcome for Belle!

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I took my 9 yr old Brittany to her regular veterinary clinic because she wasn't eating or drinking. Belle was also vomiting and had severe diarrhea. The X-rays were inconclusive but did show severe gastrointestinal distention. Her Stomach was the size of a bowling ball! They referred her to an emergency/specialist hospital for ultrasound imaging and followup treatment. The diagnosis was gastroenteritis and iv therapy was initiated to relieve dehydration and restore normal gastrointestinal function. I was very grateful to the doctors and staff at both hospitals for their quick response in probably saving Belle's life.I was also very pleased with the fast claim handling by Petplan when I submitted my claim. After satisfying my deductible, I received a check for $1634.68. I would recommend Petplan to all pet owners so that their pets can receive the best treatment possible for veterinary medical expenses.

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Over 8 years

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