Thank You God for PetPlan

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My little Belle, who is now almost 12, was fine one minute and the next minute she could not walk. Being there had not been any kind of accident I could not imagine what was wrong. I took her to the vet and he said I needed to get her to a specialist immediately and he had already made an appointment. Dr Ben Perry who specializes in Dachshunds examined her and told me she needed surgery immediately. The cost was over $4,100. Thank goodness I had Pet insurance on her. He operated within a couple of hours which made all of the difference in her recovering or not. She is now walking and running and back to herself. I called PetPlan and spoke with Amanda Sykes, who was just AWESOME. She helped me with the claim and got it processed fast!! She even calls to check and see how Belle is doing!! I would advise all pet parents to get insurance on their beloved Pets. Surgery can be thousands of dollars and you would nevr want to put your beloved Pet down becaus you could not afford the surgery. Thank you PetPlan for being there in our time of need.

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