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Our dog, a Cavapoo named Chewie, was hit by a car July 20th, 2016. His hip was broken in 3 places, his tail was injured and he had wicked road rash across his belly. He was banged up pretty bad. Chewie's injuries required surgery to put a pin in his hip and to have his tail amputated. He also required extensive care and medicine at our local veterinary specialists. The great news is that Chewie is going to fully recover!
All this great care and medicine, however, did come at a cost. To date we have spent $8355 on Chewie's care. Now let me stop and commiserate with you. I grew up with a dog my entire childhood and was fortunate never to have any issues with him. I also know my family had modest means and this kind of bill would not have been affordable. We simply would not have had the ability to pay for it. I also know that if that amount was told to my family, the outcome would have been very different and final. Sad and heart wrenching, but true...

We did something when we got Chewie that I thought I would never do. We got pet insurance. Up until last week I thought this was frivolous. I am now telling you I was wrong. From a combination of advice from a friend at work who bought some and a colleague who had to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to cover the cost of treatment for the family pet, we took out a policy on Chewie through Pet Plan. It started at $200 / year and has gone up incrementally (less than $30 / year) since. For 3 years of coverage we have spent $650 so far. For this amount we get 90% coverage with a $200 deductible. Think of it as major medical coverage. With our policy, Chewie's care will cost us about $1000 when we are all done with it. Still a lot of money, but an amount that is manageable (to us).

No one in my family works for the pet insurance company, nor am I being paid for compliments. Pet Plan has been absolutely fantastic. I downloaded their app on my phone, took pictures of our receipts and invoices (yes - you pay for everything up front and then get reimbursed) and that was it! It was simple and it and worked. I have called to ask questions a couple of times and always spoke to a real person who generally seemed to care about me, my dog and my claim process. In the 2 weeks from the accident, they have already cut us a check for our initial receipts. We have added new ones (to the existing event) and they too are being processed.

I could not have been more pleased with th

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