I would not recommend for a healthy dog.

Out of 10

I've been a loyal customer for 8+ years (my dog is now 10 years old). I've never used their plan. Now that my dog is aging, they have steadily raised my rates to now over $100 a month, despite having no claims. When I contacted them about reducing the monthly cost, they said "if you do this, you can't go back and make any changes to your plan in the future. All you can do is downgrade your plan. So now, after paying into their system for 8 years, I have cancelled my plan and now my dog is without coverage. I have decided to self-fund for future pet emergencies and say so long PetPlan! I am putting the $1220 into a savings account instead, where it will be set aside for family emergencies. I feel completely ripped off by Pet Plan and will never recommend Pet Insurance of any kind.

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None, she is perfectly healthy.
Claim Amount
Under $100

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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