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I decided to invest in pet insurance when we got our new puppy a few years back. Until this year, we had little reasons to send a claim in and I started doubting the expense. This Fall however, our lovely lady started limping and it turned out that she had severed her cruciate ligament. PetPlan's claim filing was done via our vet with very little work needed on my part, as we first tried to let her heal on her own, then realized surgery was the only option.
Throughout the ordeal, PetPlan has followed up via email before and after sending reimbursement. Beyond their prompt and efficient handling of the claim, their emails are well designed to show respect and empathy for the pet owner. I and the kdis ahve always enjoyed their magazine for it's positivity and educational value. How they handle customers during a "crisis" has shown me that the love they show for pets is not just marketing.

As our pup grows older, I'm relieved to know that I will never have to decide whether I can pay for treatment. Great job PetPlan!

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Cruciate ligament tear
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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