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Our story began a few months ago when we noticed that our 5 ½ year old Vizsla, Jitterbug had a small “pimple-like” blemish near the tip of her nose just under her right nostril. We monitored it for a few weeks noting it getting a bit larger, and decided to have it checked out with our local veterinarian. Our vet assured us that this was probably nothing, but we asked to have it fine needle aspirated to be certain.
To the surprise of us all the biopsy revealed that this was a mast cell tumor. We immediately sought out a provider, Blue Pearl, which had staff oncologists and surgery experts who specialize in cancer and cancer treatments. Our first visit with the Blue Pearl surgeon was rather sobering; Jitterbug’s tumor would need to be surgically removed. To obtain a “clean” removal of the tumor along with the necessary margins would be extremely difficult given the delicate position immediately under her nostril area.

The surgery was indeed “tricky”, however, Jitterbug’s surgeon did a wonderful job, removing the tumor with clean margins, AND a hardly-noticeable scar on her nose. Post-surgery was 2 weeks with the “cone of shame” while the incision healed, followed by 8 chemo therapy sessions.

We are now through 5 of the 8 chemo sessions, anxiously awaiting their completion. We sincerely hope that our attempt to keep this horrible cancer at bay and provide Jitterbug quality of life for number of additional years has been successful.

This has been a “challenging” ordeal to say the least! Total cost to date: $5836.84…total claims paid by Petplan: $4469.47. Would we have went forward with this treatment plan for Jitterbug had we NOT had insurance for her? Yes, of course…however, I cannot not stress enough how comforting it is to have the peace of mind KNOWING that the overwhelming majority of the costs in a matter such as this will be covered. Our claims were processed promptly and in full accordance with our policy, with swift and courteous follow up from Petplan staff.

I’ve often been asked if I would recommend pet insurance, my response… ABSOLUTELY! Think of it as an investment in a loved one…something that one HOPES will never be needed. However, if necessary this “investment” will pay dividends many times over in allowing you to focus on what is really important, restoring the health of your pet.

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