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I moved to the U.S from Japan 10 and half years ago. One month after moving here I adopted my Dog, Gonta male Boxer mix. Since then he has been next to me always. However he is getting old, he is 11years old now. He had some health issues. He had left rear leg ccl surgery 3years ago, he had another surgery to remove lipoma at anus last year. At the beginning of this year he started limping on his right rear leg. I took him to the veterinarian to find out a diagnosis several times; some exams, blood and urine tests, and medication. Gonta did not get any better. It was horrid to see my dog become a crippled. I went back to the surgeon who performed ccl surgery 3years ago. Gonta had blown out his right rear leg ccl and had bad meniscus tear, I was devastated. We don’t have any children, so you know how neurotic pet owners can be with our pets. Vet bills are high but I have been lucky enough to be able to provide appropriate cares to Gonta. Because I have PetPlan ! I have used PetPlan for some years and never worried about vet bills, even for surgery. Petplan always reimbursed me fast without any problems. Pets have to have insurance like us for emergencies and I strongly recommend PetPlan. I greatly appreciate Petplan and the awesome surgeon, Dr. R. Lirtzman in Scottsdale. Gonta just went through his leg surgery successfully and he is still next to me today.

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