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I must start by mentioning the name of the representative who took the time to take on my claims. Leah Leslie is her name and anyone whom lands a phone call with her is one unknowingly, lucky person.

On the past weekend myself and my partner noticed out 10 month old puppy not using his hind left leg, which we grew gravely concerned about. He's a rescue and quite rambunctious if I do say so myself, so we registered for insurance just last week. What timing!

However when we brought him to the emergency on Monday I was devastated to hear that we needed surgery immediately. Being a first time dog owner who lives downtown Toronto, I did not anticipate that I would need such a large amount of money at my dispose so soon, my mistake.

I had called PetPlan in a panic and grew concerned as I began to receive estimates as per his surgery. I left the call in a fuss but a few moments later my phone rang and it was Leah.

From that moment on she took charge of the situation, upgraded the policy as we were able to, got all the documents required to me in no time, and then even went on to personally handle the pre-approval for his surgery; which was expedited so quickly that just 5 days later, he is already in his procedure.

I cannot begin to explain how big of a leader Leah is and how much stress she was able to dilute the situation of. Her service and speed is impeccable and I do hope to be privileged in having her service my family again.

I recommend PetPlan to any individual who cares deeply about their fur baby, but who also cares about the quality of service they receive.

Thank you Leah, and thank you PetPlan!

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Broken Leg
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Over $1000


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Under a year

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