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Kona, a 3 year old red heeler (australian cattle dog), tore her ACL. She had been limping for a few weeks and we decided it was not going to heal on its own. Sure enough, her ACL was torn in one leg and surgery was needed. I couldn't believe it cost close to $3,000! Her other knee had a partial tear, which the surgeon believed has been going on for some time longer than the abrupt tear that just occurred. Luckily the surgeon said that since she is a smaller breed mostly made of muscle, she probably will not need to have the other leg operated on.
I was worried about paying for the surgery. So I sent a pre-approval form to PetPlan and they estimated, within a week, the reimbursement I was able to receive. This made our choice a no-brainer since most of it would be covered! Kona is healing great and faster than expected. Petplan sent me the reimbursement within a few weeks. They even went out of their way to contact my vet a few times because my vet kept forgetting to send the surgeon's notes to them! Petplan gets a 10/10 in my book and I recommend this company to everyone I know when I can.

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ACL tear
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Australian Cattle Dog

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