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I had never bought insurance for any pet before. However, when I bought my pure-bred kuvasz, Niki, the breeder encourage me to get it for my puppy and suggested PetPlan. Thank heaven's she did! The puppy was very healthy until 8 months. All of a sudden she started crying out in pain periodically, wouldn't lie down but leaned against the love seat (for over 24 hours!), and when I took her to emergency vet, they mis-diagnosed her and said it was intestinal. The screaming pain continued anytime she turned her head or tried to lie down or get up, or even walk out the door. Then we found out about the ANIC (Animal Neurology and Imaging Center) in Algodones and took her there. They did an MRI and a spinal tap and diagnosed her with SRMA, Steroid-Responsive Meningitis/ Arteritis in the neck. Cause unknown. They put her on prednisone and in two days she was relatively pain free. She was on prednisone for several months (diminishing doses). The bill for the testing was several thousand dollars. At the time, we could not have afforded to pay the bill without help. Today Niki is healthy, lively, and alert two-year-old. I will never be without pet insurance for her again! Thank you PetPlan!

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