increasing premiums each year!help!

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Just wondering if any dog owners with older dogs(over 8 years old)who have been with petplan insurance from the very start when he/she was a puppy, how much has your premium increased each year due to "aging" of your dog, inspite of having no claims at all. And does your premium increase if you do have a claim?What is your current premium per month for your older pure breed dog? I have a 3 year old pure bred boxer neutered male with zero claims last 3 yeaars, yet they have increased my premium from this year.
Any advice will be very much appreciated! Thanks a million in advance.

--a very Worried pet parent.

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rising premiums
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Under $100


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/18/2016
By: Leisa Eldred

My premiums have gone up by about 30 bucks each year from age 3-6. I used the plan plenty having over $1000 annually in claims and that doesn't seem to make much difference. They say it's based on Vet costs near your home. I don't know how they calculate but I'm not complaining they pay within 10 days and I've never had something not paid. Great people.