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Just had long talk with petplan advisor. The company has a new underwriter. Now they are offering annual option rather than just per incident deductions and more options for pricing.THE BIG difference I'm seeing is a BIG increase in pricing. They now will cover specialists(before it was 80% even if you are paying 90% premium)at the same % as your regular vet depending on % you choose. SINCE I ALREADY have pets covered I will need to transfer to the new pricing and I will not be allowed to have the annual deductible if a pet has had even one claim. The agent priced my pet and the payment was almost DOUBLE what I am paying now. I will also have to wait for my policy term to expire for the change over. So hope my pet can make it a year with zero claims! She tried to convince me this was good in some respects as I was getting more for my money... If I wanted my old pricing I would have to increase my deductible or lower the % to be reimbursed. So Buyer beware with a company that punishes you for having made a claim and will not give you all available options to roll over to the new policy without losing money or benefits. If any of this is proven to be false when it's time to roll over I'l leave another review if I can.

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Posted: 08/24/2016
By: Meilssa Gordon

I just had the same experience. My premium more than doubled, my deductible increased from $200 to $500 and my reimbursement rate went from 90% to 80%. If I kept everything the same, my premium would go from $770/yr to $1898! BLOODSUCKERS!! I'm sure they have no trouble sleeping at night either in one of their multiple vacation homes or yachts. They have no consciences.