Petplan scammed me out of 1 years coverage

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DO NOT BUY THIS INSURANCE IF YOU'VE ADOPTED AN ADULT ANIMALThey will do everything in their power to dismiss anything as pre-existing because you do not have a full history on the animal.

Adopted a 7 year old rottie a year ago, got him petplan insurance coverage, then took him to the vet and got a health clearance for him. The vet said everything was fine except for arthritis in the hind legs.

A year later he suffers from a cruciate rupture in his back left knee. They say they won't cover because "he's had problems with his hind legs before". Even though it's been documented as arthritis, which is completely unrelated!

If you've rescued an adult animal, my advice to you is just put money in a savings account each month. Because unless you have a vet examine every muscle, organ, cell, and ligament in your animals body, this insurance company will deny you and say it was pre-existing.

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cruciate rupture
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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