Bait and Switch

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I'm very sad to report how disappointed I am. I believe I was mislead through AARP and in conversation with the man who sold me the policy for my dog at PetPlan. It was my understanding that I had a two hundred dollar yearly deductible; only to find out, it's PER incident or illness. They tell me now that the yearly deductible wasn't in effect when I bought my policy. I wish I'd have done a screen capture that day. I was looking online and talking on the phone because for some reason the AARP link would not let me apply online.

My dog had a foxtail in her paw and an infection last month, and then again this month I took her in because the same paw was swollen and oozing pus; apparently I didn't get the entire foxtail out. This time, the vet did. Both claims submitted, both with two hundred dollar deductibles. Same paw, same problem - but because the vet wrote skin lesions (it was a paw infection) they decided it wasn't the same problem.

My dog ate something in Tahoe, and got very sick, they were great about that claim, but I am actually very hesitant to take her back for a follow up because they may not pay for it, or find some way to say it's a new deductible.

I'm' so bummed that I didn't do better research, and feel so very mislead. Unfortunately, I am now stuck with them because according to any other insurer, she's got pre existing conditions; ear infection, two paw infections, high liver enzymes ... do your homework.

They are VERY nice when telling you nothing is covered because it's all applied to your deductible. I can't imagine what I'd do without them though - because at least if it's something big, they'll help.

Just make sure your vet uses the proper wording on any claims. If it's a continuation of a paw infection claim, and the vet finds a "foreign body" in the paw that was missed the first time, it's a new claim. BE VERY CAREFUL!

I have referred several friends to this insurance company, and I feel HORRIBLE about it now. I pray they don't have these same problems of feeling mislead. DO YOUR HOMEWORK; I didn't, I just went with them because I'm disabled and AARP recommended them.

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Ear Problem

paw infection, liver problem
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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