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I highly recommend this coverage to fellow dog owners I know and meet, as a public service.I'm serious about taking a small life insurance policy to establish a trust fund to guarantee Petplan coverage for my dogs the rest of their lives, should I die first.
I have become friends with the then local dog warden and his staff; they helped me adopt my two dogs. I have seen and see orphaned dogs with medical problems few can afford to deal with unadopted the rest of their shortened lives. I do not want this for any dog much less either of mine.
Apparently, no insurer has or can come up with a ballpark figure (given possible price increases) how big a life insurance policy I should take out to cover such a fund, just enough money to guarantee their Petplan continues to cover them, help keep them healthy as possible the rest of their lives.
Apparently, there isn't enough interest to justify the work of coming up with tables based on experience how much it cost to insure most dogs their lifetime. A good estimate how much you need to make sure someone you trust to care for you dog/dogs doesn't have to pay for their coverage or major vet bills.
I just think enough pet lovers haven't thought about this and asked for this, who would want their pet to spend their final days or hours in a shelter because people who could love them until the end, could not afford to bring or keep them home, and care for them?
If this option was available, I think adoption services, vets, and animal lovers would highly recommend it. (The last Conference of Animal Control Officers our town ACOs hosted and I attended, support was strong and near universal amongst ACOs I asked if they knew of anybody providing such service.)

Though there was a concern how any unspent money might offer the unscrupulous a way to profit from the untimely death of a dog.

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