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PetPlan helped me with both of my kids (chihuahua and boston terrier) tremendously! Thankfully, I got the insurance plans prior to either of my pups getting sick. It was a true blessing! Just recently, my chihuahua had a very large medical bill (roughly $4,000.00) due to IMHA. PetPlan covered everything after I met my $200.00 deductible and issued me refund checks with 1 week. It is with a broken heart that I say Lucy did not win her battle, however, PetPlan allowed me to try everything to save her. It is such a relief knowing that the medical bills would not be a concern. It allowed me to focus solely on Lucy's care. I would strongly encourage everyone with a pet to purchase insurance. You may think your animal will never come down with an illness or accident, but as with humans, you just never know. PetPlan made the entire process easy for me. And their customer service is excellent! You can always get someone on the phone within a few minutes. Don't wait. Protect your babies.

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