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I was very skeptical about getting Pet Insurance given all the nightmare stories I had heard about them saying something was covered and as soon as that "thing" happened it no longer was covered. My friend had recommended PetPlan to me after we had gotten our 2nd dog just for extra protection. I decided to give it a try for both of my dogs even though I had just adopted my 2nd dog and had no medical history on her. Within the first couple months of having her we noticed rotting teeth and then later found lumps on her. I submitted the claim with no expectation of it being covered and excuses as to why but to our pleasant surprise they covered the biopsies of the bumps (sidenote: teeth were not covered since it was a pre-existing condition which was made clear). Any questions I had were promptly answered via email and Jessica seemed genuinely concerned about how our pup was doing post-surgery. It was very humbling and made it feel more like a family than an insurance company. We definitely feel like we made the right decision to sign up for PetPlan and would recommend this company, specifically, to others.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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