Pet Plan Policy Proves to be Perfect !

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My 3 year old 6 pound Maltese pup Walter woke up on a Friday morning barely able to move, vomiting and lethargic. A visit to the vet brought little improvement and by Monday Walter was in the hospital, barely able to move. We were heartbroken. The hospital ran test after test to no avail. We then we referred to a neurologist where extensive tests were done and then Walter was hospitalized again awaiting the results. Each vet visit, each hospital visit and stay and each specialist appointment starts with a charge card before they go to work. How are you paying for this ? We ran our credit card up close to 5 figures paying for the little guy .He was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that is now being treated successfully. Would Pet Plan come through on this? Will they pay for all this? Are they like "human" insurance companies and we are in for a fight, endless paperwork and arguments ? Pet Plan honored every dime of their commitment to us in a more than timely fashion. They even called me on a Saturday to fill me in on the status of the second round of claims ! I have nothing but praise and gratitude for what they have done for us and for Walter.Our Pet Plan policy proves to be perfect! Thank you Pet Plan. Truly made a a very emotional and difficult experience much easier with eliminating that worry. We love you guys.

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1 - 8

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