PetPlan saved our dog from Euthanasia

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On Christmas Day 2015 without warning we noticed swelling and lameness in our dog's hind leg. He also was lethargic and had black diarrhea. We took him to our pet ER where he was diagnosed as having a septic bacteria. The estimate for treatment was at least $5,000. Because I knew I had PetPlan, I didn't think twice about authorizing treatment but without PetPlan we would not have been able to afford the treatment and would have had to euthanize him. He spent 6 days in the pet ER and while he is fully recovered from the internal bleeding, the bacteria ate all the skin off his leg. So far he has had two additional surgeries and over 2 months later we are still having to go to for weekly visits with the surgeon and every other day bandage changes. His leg is healing but he still has a long recovery. Both our regular vet and the specialists have told us we will never know how or why he got this bacteria and that most dogs die from this. So far our bills are over $8,000 and but thanks to PetPlan I know I can afford the vet care he needs and we hope to have many more years with Rocky.

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septic skin eating bacteria
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