Could not be more pleased with claim process

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I had a very positive experience with Pet Plan and wanted to share it. My dog Jake spent years at the dog park playing hard and jumping in the air to catch Frisbees. 5 to 7 days a week x 8 years. He is now 12. After a friend's dog blew out the ACL in his knee I decided to investigate pet insurance. I picked Pet Plan based upon top ratings for claim payments and price. Never used them until last month when Jake developed a bleeding gastric ulcer after taking two doggie aspirin for his arthritis. 24 hours after taking the aspirin he was throwing up blood. Pet ER at midnight, 3 days total hospitalized at two different facilities with 4 different vets and almost died. From Monday to Friday he wouldn't eat or drink. Two IVs and almost needed a blood transfusion. $2400 later, it was time to make a claim. Went on line, downloaded the very simple 1 page form and 1 page records release form. Filled out and signed the forms (took maybe 3 minutes) and sent the forms and bills in for payment. 10 days later I get a check minus the deductible and co-insurance. No questions asked and no invoices rejected. Of course this is exactly what I've paid for, but I expected some push-back on something. Why did you go here? Why didn't you go back to here? Why this med? But none of that. Paid each invoice minus deductible/co-insurance. I could not be more happy and just bought a new policy on our puppy, Marco.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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