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So, I had been going through serious health problems myself and as part of dealing with the stress, I decided I'd move to a cat-friendly apartment and finally get my first-ever cat; the cat I'd wanted since I was a kid but had never been able to own. Then, barely two weeks after making that decision, a one year-old calico wandered up to me on the street, rubbed against my legs, actually rolled over for a belly rub, and quite literally followed me into my building and up to my apartment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I quickly named her Hermine and nearly as quickly (thanks to the advice of a friend) got Petplan insurance (not to mention a new apartment). And both of those decisions now rank as some of the best I've ever made.
Like a lot of calicos, Hermine turned out to be fiercely loyal and loving, following me around everywhere and with more than a little sass in her attitude. But a few months after rescuing her, her appetite suddenly plummeted. Not only that, but she was beyond hyperactive. Of course, I immediately took her to the vet, but the diagnostic process would take almost a year, partly because the doctors had never quite seen such a weird presentation. Having a technician say "in 20 years I've never seen a colon like this" is not at all comforting. Although hearing how "excited" the surgeons were "to finally be able to look inside at such a unique case," did have an upside. I mean, at least I knew she'd get their full attention during exploratory surgery.

But before we got to having the troublesome section of her colon successfully removed, there were round after round of prescription food trials, medications, tests, ultrasounds and more tests. With my own medical problems and the expenses of both moving and having just gotten a cat my finances were down to the bone. That in fact would be the part that would drag out the process the most, as paying the upfront cost of exploratory surgery wasn't quite something I could handle, so I'd keep choosing cheaper treatment options instead. It was all very frightening, and the idea that Hermine could end up having a condition I wouldn't be able treat, possibly at the cost of her life, weighed very heavily on me. But throughout, Petplan was great at dealing with my claims quickly, covering the cost of my procedures, quickly correcting an error when it occurred, and getting me my reimbursements promptly so I could put the money back into the next test or treatment as quickly as possible. And above all,

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infected cecum/protein intolerance
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