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So, I have been with Pet Plan a little over two years. I have insured my now 6 year old beagle and two young cats. I haven't actually needed to be reimbursed for anything until this year. My boy was diagnosed with Addisons Disease. It's a life long disease and I submitted claims from his diagnosis and ER visit. I'm happy to say they are reimbursing us for everything! When I called to speak to a rep, it meant a lot to have them ask me how Billy was doing now. It took a little over two weeks to get a favorable decision and a check is on it's way. I'm curious if future claims will be processed quicker.
I change Billy over from Pets Best to Pet Plan because they tripled my premium for my two senior beagles. I wasn't going to have them to this to Billy when he got to be a senior so I did very careful research before settling on Pet Plan. I'm very pleased so far!

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Addisons Disease
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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