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My poor dog (MPD)... I have been calling her this for years. Her first surgery was at 1.5 yrs (wrist fusion), 2nd surgery at 3 (ACL), 3rd surgery (re injured fusion) at 4 yrs old. ALL BEFORE I GOT PET INSURANCE! I just kept forgetting to get it.... Well-I finally did! I did my research and it seemed to me that 'pet plan' was one of the best... so I got my dog insured. She is now 12, at around 7 she tore her 'other knee' and not only did she get her surgery, but she got the BEST rehab care... all because of pet plan. Her recovery time was amazing, and only because she was insured could I afford the physical therapy. About 1.5 years after the last ACL surgery, she became lame in that leg again. Pet plan covered this re injury and has her on a conditioning physical therapy regime for life. She has also recently ruptured her Achilles! no - i am not joking! THANK GOD for pet plan... she went to the best surgeon on the east coast, and still goes to physical therapy.... all because of pet plan. The best thing I ever did for my dog. They have the best service representatives and truly care about your animal. I have NEVER had a problem with a claim. They are helping with her supplements, medications and physical therapy. I have NEVER had a problem working with pet plan. The benefits my dog is experiencing because of the physical therapy she receives because of pet plan is priceless... literally!!! I recommend this pet insurance company to everyone!!!!!

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joint, tendons
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Terrier Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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