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PetPlan really came through for us and our Labradoodle, Kona, recently. We had one scary week with her - both emotionally and financially. It started with Kona throwing up everything she ate. By day 3 of her getting sick we took her to our vet. They did x-rays and prescribed her some nausea medicine. She still wasn't feeling better by the next day so our vet decided she needed exploratory surgery. Our Kona went under the knife only to discover nothing was inside of her, blocking her intestines. The day after she came home from the vet we noticed her incision was leaking so we rushed her to the emergency clinic. Imagine our heartache when they discovered she had an infection. All in all, it was a trying few days that included bills for x-rays, meds, surgery, and the visit to the emergency vet clinic. Thankfully we had PetPlan to ease this financial burden. We sent all of our bills to them and had our money back within a week and a half. It was such a huge relief to know we could do what we had to for Kona because we had PetPlan backing us. We were able to make good decisions for a member of our family because of them. So thank you PetPlan!

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