Rare and unexpected lung issue led to surgery!

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PetPlan was fantastic! Grace (5 year old, FS, previously very healthy athlete German Shorthaired Pointer) suddenly had difficulty breathing... She was quickly diagnosed with a disease called pneumothorax (free air in her chest cavity, preventing her from taking deep breaths). After a few days of trying a couple things, and her slowly continuing to get worse - we pursued a CT scan and surgery. The effected area of her lung was removed and she was home 24 hours later (after having her chest cracked open like a human having open heart surgery). She is now well on the road to recovery! Not having to worry about HER and her $6K bill was a huge relief, and allowed us to focus on her health, and nothing else. THANK YOU PETPLAN!

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spontaneous pneumothorax
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German Shorthaired Pointer

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