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We've had Petplan for over 3 years now. We got it for our German Shepherd when he was just a puppy. Petplan has been great and has come in handy a few times, to include a $3000.00 surgery for Lars' teeth.
In June of 2015, we aquired a 3 month old Malinois, well, Echo has been a handful in regards to staying healthy. Since June, she has gone to the vet four times (twice to the emergency), which we all know is not cheap, but we were not too worried because we knew Petplan would step up and help us with our vet bill. Petplan is def the pet insurance I will stay with. No hassles and it has been very easy working with them. They have excellent customer service.

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Dog bites and ate an adult size sock
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Over $1000

Belgian Malinois

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Under a year

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Posted: 01/17/2016
By: Carl Belken

I too scoffed at the idea of Pet insurance for many years.
That was before I became a dachshund owner and discovered that no matter how vigilant you are a dachshund will come up with ways of injuring themselves because their intelligence and curiosity plus the ability to make decisions on their own will sometimes put them in bad situations.

After a long search I chose petplan simply because they have the most coverage at the cheapest price ESPECAILLY if you start out with a young dog with no prior illness.