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After recommending PetPlan to many people I am seriously reconsidering due to:1. When I moved they raised my rates nearly 40%
2. When I had my first claim they made me jump through hoops and delayed it for weeks and weeks and then only paid a small fraction of it.
3. After my sales reps repeatedly told me "all you need is vet records showing that the pet has been to the vet sometime in the last year" I found out that this was a lie when PetPlan made me come up with 2+ years of vet records and even after sending those refused to process my claim for "lack of vet history" until I had to call and demand they process the claim.
4. They take the deductible off of the 80% coinsurance to save themselves money. For instance if you have a $200 claim and you have 80% coverage they will take the $100 deductible off of the $160 and pay you only $60 instead of taking the $100 deductible off of the $200 and pay you $80.
5. They were quick to "remind" me that the vet issues that my animals have been seen for are now considered "pre existing conditions" and that a new insurance company will not cover them. It seems like this is a way to lock you in once you have to battle through a claim with them and become dissatisfied.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 03/04/2016
By: Roberta

Comment re:#4. That is how human insurance works.