Allowed me to do everything I could for my dog

Out of 10

In September 2014, my dog ate an electric shaver. Emergency surgery cost almost $5k. I had the platinum plan with a $200 deductible. PetPlan reimbursed everything but that deductible within a couple weeks, with no hassle. In December 2014, my dog went into kidney failure and developed brain hemorrhaging. He was in the critical care ward of the hospital for over a week, and required many expensive tests. His hospital bill was over $9k. Again, PetPlan reimbursed promptly and as promised. I wasn't able to save my baby, but PetPlan allowed me to give him the best care possible before having to make that painful decision as to what was best for him. All my pets will be covered by PetPlan from now on.

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foreign body ingestion; kidney failure and brain hemorrhaging
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Rat Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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