1st Claim was a breeze, 2nd was a nightmare!

Out of 10

I have ha d a policy for over 5 years for my PWD. The first claim, went seamlessly, it was for incontinence and was settled within a week. the second claim, 5 years later was like pulling teeth. My poor pup had contract Lyme disease and I submitted a claim for the tests, medication, etc. I was first notified by phone that I needed receipts to prove my dog had been given preventative care for the full year. I had explained to them that this would be challenging as I always buy the collars through Petco, they straight forward responded with " If we do not have a year's worth of proof that he was on preventative medicine, we will not cover the claim." So, I searched high and low, even put in 2 requests with Petco for my receipts (which were not fulfilled). I finally found the receipt in which I purchased 3 collars, a years worth at once (as I always do). When I submitted the receipt, through their app (for convenience) I received a letter in the mail that my claim was denied because there was no date. I was blown away, of course there was a date on the receipt, it had gotten cut off the photo when uploading it the this "convenient" app of theirs. I was surprised that after being a customer for 6 years I never got a phone call to say " hey, was there a date on that receipt? we didn't see one". Instead, the claim was just closed. So, I called back and let them know I would be sending the receipt via email so that they could reassess the claim. Once that was submitted, they denied my claim TWO MORE TIMES because 1)there was not a years worth of preventative on the receipt, I later had to explain that there were three collars on the receipt good for 5 months each 2)the name of the brand of collar was not on the receipt, I had to then provide the link the the manufacturers website, and explain the abbreviated brand name on the store receipt. Only then was my claim approved, 3 and a half weeks after I filed initially. If I had to estimate I spent more than 20 hrs on email, chat, and phone trying to get this approved.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Portuguese Water Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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