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When Calley, our 4 year old lab/mix started bleeding from her gums last month we never suspected it was something serious. Blood tests revealed that she had immune-mediated thrombocytopenia. Her platelet count was zero! We were told she would have died within a few days if we hadn't gotten her to the vet. It was rough going initially but the wonderfult, Dr. Puza at Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island said with proper treatment she had a very good chance of going into remission. Calley required several blood transfusions and when the high dose steroids were not helping she had to undergo two doses of IV immunoglobulins. The cost of this was quite high. PetPlan was there for us the whole way and continues to be there for us. I called the night she was admitted to the hospital and the assistance and concern that I was given was astounding. Calley is now on her way to recovery, although still requires an immunosuppressant medication. Thanks to PetPlan, we didn't have to worry as much about the finances. We received a check within 10 days of discharge. We are very grateful.

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