Fractured left maxillary canine with pulp exposure

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Somehow, during a night back in September, when an intense thunderstorm went through our area, Mickey, our 65#, 7.5 year old German Shorthair, who was boarded at the time, broke the entire front half of his upper, left maxillary canine fang tooth off. All that was left was the nerve pulp and the back half of the tooth. Think about that. My regular vet referred us to a vet at BluePearl Vet Partners, Overland Park, KS, who specializes in canine dentistry. Yes, such vets do exist.
There were two concerns: The BluePearl vet would make sure there was no residual pain, (which was evident in Mickey's demanor), and save the remaining back half of the tooth, in order to maintain upper bone/jaw structural integrity.

A root canal was performed and a new "crown", about half the size of a normal fang tooth, was attached to the remaining back half of the tooth. I was just amazed how the dental work turned out. Mickey is now wearing an $1800+ crown.

The vet went on to tell me he has worked on dogs who, locked in a collapsible, household cages, have fractured/broken all four fang teeth. I never realized that a dog could do such a thing.

I would have spent whatever was required to resolve this matter. I am very thankful for my PetPlan insurance that, after my deductible, etc., picked up more than 70% of the cost. You never know when you are going to need help.

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Broken upper left maxillary canine
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