Watch Out - Will NOT Cover Tick Borne Diseases

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I did a thorough review of existing pet insurance plans and after reading all the pros and cons, decided on PetPlan for my new adoptive dog.
On New Year's Eve eve, he became very sick. I took him to the vet and when talking with the vet, because I had insurance, had the full tick panel done on him.

He came back with Lyme's disease and Anaplasmosis another tick borne disease. My dog had been on preventative continuously throughout the year. If you read the literature on tick illnesses, Lyme's can be transmitted in under 12 hours to the host and Anaplasmosis in under 4 hours. Tick preventative can take up to 48 hours to kill a tick - so a preventative may or may not work. In my dog's case, it did not.

I submitted my claim to PetPlan, with bills adding up to over $1,400, thinking we would be covered. First rejection came 10 days later and I had to prove I owned my dog for a year - at the time of illness, I had not. Then I had to provide a copy of my adoption contract and a health certificate from the rescue's vet. Submit that and then another 10 days go past. Then they come back with the kicker - please provide all receipts for your tick preventative that you bought over the last year.

I had bought my preventative Front Line Plus from the cheapest source - Target, Amazon, etc., throughout the year. Some of the receipts were easy to track down - others were not. Target was particularly not helpful.

I spoke to PetPlan person after PetPlan person. I cited medical literature explaining transmission speeds and how preventative cannot/will not catch everything. It all fell on deaf ears. Receipts or nothing.

It became such a debacle, I gave up. I couldn't take it any more. I told them they needed to revise their website and make their non-payment for tick borne disease more prominent so other people wouldn't be surprised.

I truly think a good attorney could make them eat their shirts on this - but I don't have the energy to make war for $1,400. But for a lot of people, that's the difference between life and death for their pet.

I decided after that mess I would not renew with PetPlan even though I was assured just about everything else would be. I am not that big of a sucker.

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Anaplasmosis and Lyme's Disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Flat-coated Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 12/07/2015
By: Sarah

I agree there is a LOT in the policy that might be easy to overlook. I remember reading it and I even went back to check my policy. It's there. Page 5 of my policy. It states that they don't cover treatment or preventative treatment for heartworms, fleas, ticks, roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms.
I would like to think that IF I showed that I gave something to my pet to prevent those things, and showed proof, PetPlan would cover it. I'm not sure though.

Posted: 04/26/2016
By: Marjorie

The same just happened to me. how can they expect us to keep receipt of tick prevention for a year. I never saw any warning about this before. I am sooooo pissed right now.