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I signed up for PetPlan when we adopted our Daschund mix over 3 years ago. A year went by, not problem, second year, no incidents, third year, nothing. So when I received my most recent renewal I thought, well maybe it's not worth it, but deep down I thought don't cancel and let me tell you, I'm so glad I didn't. A few months after renewal, we came home one day to our girl whining. Within one day, the whining turned into not being able to walk at all. I rushed her to the Vet Specialty Hosp and they diagnosed her with two blown out cervical vertebrae. Neck and back issues are very common with Doxie breeds and is exactly why I got the insurance in the first place because to fix the problem is very costly. Our girl had surgery and is as good as new, but that comes with a price tag. My pets are part of the family and I never want to have to make the decision about them and money. Thankfully, with the insurance we didn't question that fixing her was the only solution. Regardless of insurance, we would have done anything for her, but having PetPlan has paid itself over many times.
The claims process was incredibly easy, whenever I called the company, everyone was very nice and provided answers. Our Vet Hospital also submitted the claims for us which helped, especially at a time when we were stressed. The PetPlan company also expedited our claim because the amount was significant. I can't recommend pet insurance enough if you are on the fence, the piece of mind is worth it, but also, animals get hurt and it happens fast. You don't want to have to compromise or even put yourself in a situation where you have to decide what to do based on money. I wouldn't choose another company, these guys rock and our girl Juno says thank you as well!

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crushed cervical (neck) vertabrae
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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