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Our 12 year old Toi Leo dog became lethargic, wouldn't eat, basically not interested in anything or any one. A trip to the Vet determined she had an enlarged gall bladder and possible liver problems. A 3 night stay at the Vets with IV fluids & meds followed by 2 weeks at home with 2 antibiotics, and 2 meds for treating bile leakage and her liver brought her back to feeling much better. However the Vet recommended gall bladder removal since it was determined she had had previous short episodes that we thought were anything from arthritis to just getting older. I inquired about a Pre Authorization for the surgery and was told by the fantastic Pet Plan Customer Service that anything relating to the already approved condition would be covered. The relief we felt knowing the surgery and related meds and care we're going to be covered! And it was!! After the initial deductible, the covered percentage of the plan I was paying for was quickly mailed to me. I tell everyone I know who have pets, they must have insurance. And I wouldn't recommend going with any plan other than Pet Plan!

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Hall bladder
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