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How would you feel if you were told that you had to pay $20,000 to save your pet’s life? What would you do? One night I found myself sitting at the University of California in Davis and a team of veterinary medicine doctors were saying it to me. Our four year old cat, Tessie, was dying. It started months before when she starting vomiting and became listless. We found out that her kidneys were failing. No one could explain how this had happened to such a young cat. Especially since she was an in-door only cat and had no access to poisons. Then, she developed kidney stones and they would not pass. They had begun to block her ureter, a tube that goes from the kidney to the bladder. She needed surgery to live. They wanted to place artificial tubes from each kidney that would connect to her bladder, bypassing the blockage. Just this procedure alone was over $12,000 and I had already spent thousands on her care. So, what did I do? I took out my credit card and charged it. I ran up a bill that I would not, normally, be able to handle. An action that would, normally, put my family and our home at risk. But, I bet on Petplan. Four years ago when we adopted Tessie and her sister, Millie, as kittens, I considered putting money aside each month for veterinary emergencies. Surely I could afford to put aside a $100 a month. Of course, if I had I would be looking at only $4,800 in the bank when I was faced with, all together, over $20,000 in expenses. Instead I invested the money each month on a Gold Policy with Petplan for each cat. And Petplan kept their part of the deal. They paid 100% of almost every claim because they could see that her life depended on it. They renewed her policy after she went into kidney failure, even though it was obvious that she would need surgery. Even filing was easy with the Petplan phone app. Today, thanks to Petplan, I have no credit card debt. And, when I see Tessie running through our house and playing with her sister Millie, when I see the happiness on the faces of my family, I know that four years ago I made a very wise choice.

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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