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We rescued a 3 month old Bloodhound/Coonhound puppy. He was having a pretty good time for a while, acting like a puppy, when we suddenly noticed that he was limping & both of his front legs were extremely sore. Off to the vet we went & he was diagnosed with “OCD - Osteochondritis Dissecans” excessive cartilage in both his shoulders & needed both shoulders operated on to remove it. That was December 2013. February 2016; he was playing in the snow with his sister, when we noticed that he was limping again on the left side. Back we went to the "Veterinary Speciality Center!" It was determined that additional cartilage had grown between the joints, causing the pain, & he needed to have microscopic surgery done yet again on his left shoulder. I immediately got in touch with PetPlan and they came through again NO problem! They covered the 2nd operation as easily as they had covered the 1st. My baby is not in pain anymore & neither is my checkbook. PetPlan is the BEST! I will NEVER own another dog without getting them insurance from PetPlan. It is the best investment for piece of mind knowing you can give your dog the care they need and not let financial responsibilities affect your decision.

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OCD-Osteochondritis Dissecans in Shoulder
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