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My first experience has been great! I wanted to sign my dog up for agility classes, took her the vet ~ he said no because she had a luxating patella and would need surgery. A few months before this my friend and I were researching pet insurance companies. She wasn't happy with VPI and I just plain needed insurance because my dog has a habit of chasing cars. So, to turn her attention another direction I thought agility classes would be good. Instead, she had surgery for her luxating patella. I called Petplan before hand with questions and ALWAYS got answered quickly. In fact, I called several times before it dawned on me the same person kept answering my calls. I think that is great customer service. I had one contact from that point forward that I could call if I had questions, he even walked me through the process to make sure I filled out the paperwork correctly. She was able to have pre-therapy, surgery and post-therapy. The total cost was $1,587.02 and I got back $1,222.32 ~ it only took three weeks to get the reimbursement. My yearly premium is $152.00. I call that a good investment. On top of that they covered this, with no questions asked other than to confirm that it wasn't a pre-existing condition. I have recommended Petplan to several of my friends who have all signed up.

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