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When I chose this plan a year ago, the web failed to say that this insurance is for emergencies only, that regular care (shots, spaying) are not included.

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Posted: 02/12/2009
By: Lisa

Most companies' plans don't cover Wellness care, unless you get a Wellness policy.
My dog had surgery that wasn't Emergency. It was diagnosed and surgery scheduled, and that was covered with no problems. If you want shots and spaying, look for someone with a Wellness option.

Posted: 02/13/2009
By: Kim

It says this all over the site.
How do people miss these things? They're so obvious!

Posted: 03/14/2009
By: Shannon

I saw on several areas where it says it is for emergencies only. They are totally upfront about this.

Posted: 03/19/2009
By: Erich Riesenberg

Yes, it is hard to imagine people have no idea what is being purchased, but it apparently is common. I hope most people see major coverage rather than routine coverage as a big positive. How much administrative cost would be spent claiming a $40 annual checkup?

Posted: 03/24/2009
By: Helen

I just called this company to get info. They are very upfront about what is covered and made a point of saying it is not for wellness visits or vaccinations.

Posted: 04/18/2009
By: Nancy

You should have read more before buying and asked questions.

Posted: 09/13/2009
By: Dianne

I would like to know on what planet is Erich getting a $40 annual checkup?

Posted: 11/03/2009
By: Cynthia

These were very helpful comments