They don't cover what they claim

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They claim to cover birth defects. Our greyound was born with a flap covering part of her vulva causing urinary tract infections. Petplan considered this a pre-existing condition and refused to cover the surgery it took to correct this, because the symptoms were there before the policy was in effect. The symptoms were caused by the birth defect.

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birth defect
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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Posted: 06/11/2010
By: Linda

I'm curious to know how you handled it, and did you stay with this provider? Or if you switched providers who did you switch to?

Posted: 06/21/2010
By: David

Was it identified prior to you purchasing the insurance?

Posted: 07/28/2010
By: Ron

"Congenital defects" that appear after the policy is underwritten are covered. "Birth defects," which by definition "pre-exist" before the policy is taken would not be. Petplan does not claim to cover "birth defects."

Posted: 09/26/2010
By: jen

still no comment from the company...