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Although I had only been a Pet Plan member for one night, I received the BEST customer service in those 24 hours than I had ever received from my other pet insurance plan. You see, I had accidentally paid for TWO plans online for my one dog Xena instead of paying for one plan for each of my dogs. The next day, I called Pet Plan and they assured me I only had one plan for each pet. However, I received a call about an hour later and was told they had double checked, and indeed, I had been charged twice for Xena, but they had already taken care of reversing the charges!! Then, I received an email from a senior representative later assuring me again that the charge reversal had taken place and that not to worry, Xena was covered by her plan. No run around, no multiple phone calls!! The customer service I received tells me that Pet Plan's customers are important to them and that they are on the ball when it comes to handling any issues that might arise. I feel confident that they will handle any future claims with swiftness and professionalism! I am raving about this to all of my friends with pets as we speak!!

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