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We got an Bull Terrier, AKC and UKC registered. Beautiful pup. As soon as we registered him with AKC I got the insurance information from AKC, called Pet Partners to find out the detailed and specifically asked for the insurance the would cover everything. I signed up for the one they told me was their premium insurance and it would cover everything a small deductible. I signed up for and it cost me around $55.00/month. The first time I was frustrated was when our pup had a reaction against the microchip that the breeder's vet inserted. We took him to our vet, had to get it removed. It cost hundreds of dollars. When I sent the claim it was not "covered" because the microchip was inserted prior to the insurance began (and prior to us owning our dog). Fast forward to when the dog was one year old, we found out he had a congenital heart condition and to stay alive he would need to take 4 different medications. I thought "thankfully I signed for the higher insurance". No such luck. Pet Partners did NOT COVER any of his bills they pointed me out to the small print in the back of the agreement that excludes "congenital conditions". I asked how come I was told this insurance would cover everything, they should cover at least the vet visits and cost of taking the dog to the ER before we found out he had the heart condition "there is nothing we can do" was the answer received. Thankfully we were able to afford and give our pup the best we could for the short life he had (he just passed at 3 years old) I do not recommend them, and suggest you find another insurance. That's what I am doing with the new pup we are getting.

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Reaction to microchip and congenital heart issues
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Bull Terrier

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