Leo the rescue pup

Out of 10

I got this puppy and I have no idea about what all the ups and downs that come along I just know that I love him like no other .. Thankfully very good friends of mine who are pet parents have some great advice - get pet insurance.. The park mans tell me of all the research they did and their experience of kissing a cat because they did have insurance and could not afford a possible life saving surgery.. They recommend Trupanion and tell me how helpful and reliable trupanion has been for their second cat. Well after hearing this I go sign up my react puppy Leo.. Leo is mostly heathy and did not have any signs of illness at all..

As he has grown I started noticing a few thinks start to take place that I can explains like pain and sleepiness.. I take him straight in to the doc to learn that he has hip dysplasia and will need a full replacement:(

Luckily trupanion was their to walk me through the proses and get Leo pre approved
Leo can get his needed surgery that will give him a better more comfortable life!!

They ate caring and do all they can to help and being available 24 hours I could call at any times with questions

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Hip dysplasia
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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