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I've had mixed experience with PetPartners over the years (I got it for my dog when he was 8 months old and he just died at 10 years). Whenever I had a claim they paid it promptly, and it was easy to file online since I own a scanner. Generally it was easy to figure out exactly how much they'd pay you back--80-20 with a $125 deductible--although there were a few times with the wellness part of the plan that I didn't feel that they reimbursed as they should; my vet is NOT expensive and sometimes they wouldn't cover her basic charges. That being said, during my dog's final bout with cancer they were wonderful, even paying for his pt without a blink. They say to expect it to take 30 days for reimbursement, and it really will take the FULL 30 days. My main complaint is that the insurance cost skyrockets once the dog turns 7; I went from $60-80 per month to $180 pm by the end. That makes it really seem like a scam since I made almost no claims on them until the final year of my dog's life; it was as if they wanted me to cancel my insurance so that they'd never need to make a pay out. I've said "yes" here to the recommendation, but it would be with qualifications and I'm currently searching for a new insurer in case I get a puppy.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 07/11/2015
By: Cecilia Tizio

I feel the same way!!! for years i made no claims on my dog, in fact, i was paying to have him cover at the end of his life which is the most difficult and expensive time on our pets but now i see they made the changes they wanted on the policy and i have the same feeling that there is their way or the highway because they collect enough money and don't give a hat about reimburse us if i get difficult, i feel me cheated, used and very upset with these scam pet partners has

Posted: 08/12/2015
By: John Wycoff

Kay, I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss. Losing a pet that has been a member of the family for 10 years is never easy.
As for your policy and premiums I would like to try and address your concern. At PetPartners, we do not increase individual policy premiums due to claims you file. Premiums are calculated by a number of factors including the pet's age. Just like humans, when our pets get into their senior years, they have greater healthcare needs. As risk and costs increase overall, so does premium. The increasing age is factored into all pet insurance companies premiums and is the same for your own health insurance.

Realizing the financial burden of caring for older pets among other reasons, we recently introduced new plans that allow you to adjust your policy parameters as your pet ages or as your needs change. When you do get a new puppy, I hope you will continue to be a part of the PetPartners family!

Lastly, you mentioned a wellness claim that you felt was not reimbursed properly. If you get a new puppy and ever have a concern in the future, please call and ask. One of our agents would be more than happy to review the claim with you.

Thank for being a long time customer and we hope to see you again when you bring your next puppy into the family!